Alipore zoo is the primeval zoo in India and the sizable attraction for visitors in Kolkata. The zoo was opened for public in the year of 1876. Alipore Zoo is situated in Barrackpore in the district of North 24 Parganas of West Bengal. The zoo is well connected from both Howrah and Sealdah Railway station. From Sealdah, it is around 30 minutes and around 8-kilometer distance and from Howrah it is around 10 kilometer and 30 minutes takes to reach this place. Alipore Zoo spreads around an area of 46 acres with lush green surroundings. One can take a taxi or city buses are also available in a frequent interval of time to reach this place. Once upon a decade, this zoological park was famous for the home of Aldabra giant tortoise Adwaita, donated by Lord. Clive which passed away in 2006 nearly about the age of 250 years.

Alipore Zoo Timing & Facilities

Alipore Zoo receives around 3 million footfalls in a year. The zoo opens all over the days of the year except Thursday. Every Thursday the zoo is closed. Alipore Zoo opens 6 am to 5 pm from 1st April to 31st September and 1st October to 31st March from 6.30 am to 5 pm as per Indian Standard Time. There is different admission right reserved for different facilities. For visiting zoo the entry fee is Rs.20/- per person, for aquarium it Rs.5/-. If you are taking a camera for video photography then Rs.250/- is charged per hour. At the entrance of the Alipore Zoo, there is a restaurant and fast food center that caters various needs of the visitors. Restrooms are made in different places inside the zoo to make this zoo neat and clean. Snacks and ice-cream are sold by numerous points in the different parts of the zoo.

Things to See inside Alipore Zoo

Alipore Zoo has the huge reservoir for it’s infamous live stocks, nearly 1266 mammals and 108 species are inside the zoo. The zoo is famous for its attraction for white deer now, earlier it was famous for the 250 years of old Aldabra Giant tortoise expired on 2006.

The zoo is divided into four sections, mammals, reptiles, birds and primates. In mammals section, one can see Royal Bengal Tiger, African lion, leopard, Jaguar, Asiatic lion, jungle cat, Golden Jackel, White Tiger, Fishing Cat, Hyena, Hippopotamus, Asian elephant, White deer, gaur, white boar, sambar, nilgai, brush-tailed porcupine, one horn Indian rhinoceros, lion-tailed macaque, Hanuman langur, sloth bear, blackbuck, red kangaroo etc. In the reptile section of Alipore zoo, one can see Indian Python, rate snake, Indian cobra, banded sea krait, mugger, gharial, saltwater crocodile, rhinoceros iguana etc.

In the bird section of Alipore Zoo one can find Osprey, domestic goose, emu, painted stork, Moluccan cockatoo, scarlet macaw, hill mynah, spot-billed pelican, citron- crested cockatoo, bare eyed cockatoo, budgerigar, red vented bulbul, Lady Amherst’s pheasant, adjutant stork, ostrich, white peafowl etc. In the primates section, you can see chimpanzee, common marmoset, hamadryas baboon, olive baboon, slow loris and slender lorises etc. It is highly advised to visit Alipore Zoo on the weekdays as in weekend lots of crowd comes to visit and you will not feel comfortable to visit the zoo completely. If you want to visit the whole zoo with all its section then you two days are required to visit this zoo as it is one of the biggest zoo in India. One can find some good and affordable hotels near Alipore Zoo.

To know more details on Alipore Zoo please contact at the below address.

  • Alipore Zoological Gardens,
  • No.2, Alipore Road, Alipore,
  • Kolkata, West Bengal, 700027
  • Ph: 033- 24399391