East Jungle Safari is the page where we have taken into the consideration of Eastern India wildlife attractions, adventures destination in a depth, so visitors will find it easy to understand about the destination they should plan to visit if coming to Eastern India for a wildlife tours or packages. Eastern India Jungle Safari is mainly comprised with The Sunderbans wildlife sanctuary , Simlipal Tiger Reserve, Bhitarkanika Bio-Diversity Park , Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary and Manas Tiger Reserve . East Jungle Safari is a page where we have discussed one by one about each national parks in details like how to reach, where to stay, the best time to visit and the specialty of the national park for the easy understanding of tourists. Free Social Media Submission


Why East Jungle Safari

East Jungle Safari will take to the unexplored enchanting most amazing beautiful spots, though Eastern India is not famous for its industrialization but Eastern India is a great reservoir of enormous natural beauty for high peak mountains and jungles. Due to its endless natural beauty 3 major national parks are found here for the conservation of wildlife and bio-diversity. Most of the people might not have heard about Simlipal National Park which contributes major for tiger reserve in India. Almost half of the Royal Bengal Tiger are found in the great woods of Simlipal. If you are planning to visit Eastern Indian Wildlife Tour then without visiting Simplipal the tour is incomplete. Apart from Simlipal visit Eastern India has two famous Mangrove forest known as Bhitarkanika and Sunderban. Sunderban is both famous for the man-eater Royal Bengal Tiger and mangrove forest for the paradise of reptiles whereas Bhitarkanika is famous for its the World famous Olive Ridley turtle and for the heaven of reptiles. Now on the next page, we will discuss all in details. So please visit our East Jungle Safari with its subcategory for find out the details. We are sure you are going to love it….