India is the home of 60 biological gardens including small and medium sized.We have designed Zoo must visit page  especially for the zoo lovers who keeps in interest to visit the top most zoological gardens of India. Zoo must visit is the page where we have the big zoological gardens of India for all visitors those keep interest to visit natural habitats and zoological park. We have the display here the zoos of India in chronological order in the terms of area and live stocks. If you are a wild animal lover or love to watch wild animals inside a zoo then this page is the best guide for you. In the area and live stocks wise Vandalur Zoo comes in the first number whereas this park needs to be restructured in terms of maintenance. Anna Zoological Park is the biggest zoological park in India. Nandankan Zoological Park comes in the second position in terms of live stocks. Similarly, Indira Gandhi Zoological Park comes in third place and Alipore Zoo comes in fourth place. If you are a zoo lover you must visit these parks though numbers of zoological parks are there in our country. Among the four best zoos of India Nandankanan is the only promising upcoming zoological park which stands differently among the other three zoological park and that’s the only reason it grabs almost all major crowds in comparison to other zoological parks. Zoo must visit is the page where we have explained all details of the zoological park, how to reach, timings, facilities, fees, where to stay, dine and interesting things to visit etc. In the drop down menu of the Zoo must visit inside each zoological park there is a contact detail in the last paragraph where you can contact the zoo administration staff for any kind of further details and suggestions if you want.Click Here! Please find a video below to have some experience of India’s best zoo.