Kaziranga Wildlife Safari Assam


Kaziranga Wildlife Safari Assam plays a key role among the other national parks in the East Zone Wildlife Safaris of India. In the year 1904 it was decided to protect the area when the wife of Viceroy of India Mary Curzon visited this area as this area was very well known for its one-horned rhinoceros and when she could not able to a single one the lady pursued her husband to take necessary steps to protect the diminish species as a result on 1905 1st June the proposed Kaziranga Wildlife Safari Assam was constituted at an area of 232 km². The park was further extended over three years by 152 km² to the Brahmaputra Rivers bank, the park was declared as “Reserve Forest”, in 1916 the park was redesignated as “Kaziranga Game Sanctuary” as the park was treated as a hunting ground for the East India Company till 1938 when it was opened for visitors to enter the park.

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