Nadankanan Zoo is considered as the “Gardens of God” probably the most promising biological park in India. It is the second largest zoo in India by area wise but rich in with live stocks. Nandankanan zoo is constructed among the natural beauty of natural forest adjacent to Chandaka-Dampara wildlife Sanctuary.Geographically it is located between 200 23′ 08″ to 200 24′ 10″ north latitude and 850 48′ 13″ east longitude as per geological survey of India. It lies in the vicinity of the kanji lake. This park is well connected by road, rail and by air. From Bhubaneswar railway station it is only 15 kilometers towards Jaydev Vihar-Patia road. City buses are also available with regular frequency and one can also take an auto or taxi to this place easily from anywhere. Bhubaneswar is the capital of Orissa and renowned as temple city of orissa , here you can find a varieties of hotels on affordable prices.

Nandankanan Zoo Timing & Facilities

Nandankanan zoo opens for visitors as per Indian standard time from 7.30 am to 5.30 pm from April to September and from 8 am to 5 pm from October to March. The same time is also applicable for the State Botanical Garden. The zoo and garden remain closed on each Monday. Nandankanan has different facilities for different types of amenities. The entry fee is Rs. 20/- per adult, Rs. 5/- per child under the age group of 3 to 12 years and Rs.100/- per person for a foreign entity. There is no entry fee for the physically challenged person and children below the age of 3 years. If you are taking a normal digital camera the fee is Rs.10/- per day, for a handy cam, it is Rs.100/- per day, for video a camera the fee is Rs.500/- per day and for the professional photogenic camera it is Rs.4000/- per day. The zoo also provides safari tour facilities, one can purchase a ticket at a cost of Rs. 50/- that includes lion, white tiger, bear and deer safari. You will be provided a minibus with group visitors to avail this facility and see animals in their open natural habitat. Nandan Kanan also provides the battery operated vehicle to see the live stocks instead of walking at a cost of Rs. 50/- per person. One can also visit the whole things by walking and for this road map is also provided in various places so that you can take the maximum use of it. This biological park receives more than 2 million footfall every year and every year it is increasing.

NandanKanan is a polythene-free zone, cooked food are not allowed here, to make this place neat and clean waste bins are provided at various places, restrooms are built in certain places. There is a restaurant for coffee and snacks where visitors can refresh and start their journey.

Nandankanan is the home of 1600 individual animals of 166 species out of which 67 species of mammals, 87 species of birds and 18 species of reptiles. Nandankanan is most famous in the world for its home of the white tiger. It is the firstwhite tiger NandanKanan zoo in the world where the white tiger is found. Today it is the home of 34 white tigers.

white tiger nandankananYou can see each and every type of animals here from monkey to hippopotamus with different varieties. The zoo has 34 aquaria where one can find lots of fresh water fish to see very closely. Similarly, there is a reptile house and you will find there numerous species of snakes, lizards, crocodiles and turtles from very close view. There is a beautiful lake inside this park where one can enjoy boating by paying nominal fees. If natural beauty, garden and different kinds of flower and medicinal plants are your interest then you must visit the state botanical garden.To completely visit Nandankanan it is recommended that you must spend at least 2 days here, else the safari and zoological park can be visited in a single day. Lets watch a wonderful video about Nandankanan.

Nandankanan is not only a zoo it has got the status of breeding center and international recognization for it’s successfully breeding program for gharial, black panther, and white tiger. One of the unique features of this biological park that attracts wildlife lovers that one can avail the facility of adoption of animals and birds here. In another word you can tell Nandankanan is going to be the most perhaps in upcoming year the largest zoo, wildlife activities center in India. To know more details about Nandankanan please contact in the below address.

  • Director : Dr. Sudarsan Panda, IFS
  • Nandankanan Zoological Park, Mayur Bhawan
  • Saheed Nagar, Bhubaneswar- 751007, Orissa, India
  • Phone : +91-674-2547850
  • Fax : +91-674-2547840