High Altitude Zoo is the page where one can find all the details about the zoological park those are specially located in the higher altitude from the sea level. In this page High Altitude Zoo, we have displayed the zoological parks as per their area and live stocks wise. In this page like Aizawl zoo, Padmaja Naidu zoological park, Nainital zoo and Kufri zoo one can find the especial Himalayan species like Himalayan bear, black panther, white deer and snow leopard etc. This site is the only site which we have specially designed for the mixture and combination of Indian zoological park and national parks for wildlife explorations both famous and despised national parks those are not populated but having potential to visit. Most of the site owners or travel agency display only the famous and popular national parks for commercial purposes but here we have covered all the national parks and zoological parks of India not for any commercial purpose but only to create love and awareness for wild animals and it’s habitats and for the protection of environment only. We hope you will enjoy this page reading.